Theories and Thoughts

Much has been researched and written about many of influences that trigger a desire to formally exit a business. All bear consideration and discussion. 

Business Exits Thought Leadership

Business Exits Thought Leadership Business exits were the theme for a round table discussion at latest Thought Leadership lunch at the Old Bicycle Shop in Cambridge yesterday (fantastic food and service by the way), hosted by Richard Pearce. The topic of how, why and...

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Interview with Mark Oxenham part 2

How the market for businesses (buying and selling) has changed since 2008 is the subject of this follow-on conversation between Exit Motivation’s Simon Kidney and business adviser and broker Mark Oxenham, who first featured here a couple of weeks ago. Selling...

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Business Adviser Interview – Mark Oxenham

Business advisers and brokers are right on the front line of business exits; what can we learn from their experience and how they work? In studying the motivations of entrepreneurs who want to exit their businesses, we look at academic reference materials, business...

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The Entrepreneurial Journey

Hello everyone, thank you for being here today as we delve into a topic that's close to the hearts of many of us—entrepreneurial journey, life cycle if you will, and the often challenging decision to exit a business. A note! Balance here between academic speak and...

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Top Ten Business Exit Triggers

What would trigger you to sell your business? 2024 is coming at us at a run, and that’s always a time to stop and consider next steps. A good time for some food for thought - our Top Ten Triggers for Selling Your Business: It might simply be that RETIREMENT beckons –...

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What’s your Magic Number? (or How much is enough?)

What’s your Magic Number? (or How much is enough?) You’re a business owner. As an owner, you have an asset, something you can, ultimately, sell. But what’s the trigger for sale? At Exit Motivations, we examine many of the motivations for selling a business; one of the...

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Reasons not to sell

Not everyone wants to sell their business. For some that’s a ‘not now’, and for others, well, maybe never. We continue to look at reasons entrepreneurs DO exit their business, but it’s equally important to understand why they might not, at least not yet. The Not Nows...

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Parting Friends

Exits and Entrances Further to our discussion with Eppie Anderson about her new business plans, her last question is, for her, one of the most important factors in planning her new joint venture. How do we part friends? Parting Friends Importantly, we often go into...

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Entrances and Exits

Exits and Entrances Working with an entrepreneur whose joint venture business plan leads to a business sale in 5 years’ time, we cover a number of fundamentals of successful exits. Tripwires & motivations Applauding the vision to plan an exit at the point of...

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Business Owners Thoughts on Exits

Over the next series of blogs we will interview a variety of business owners, across sectors, to understand motivations and some real thoughts about business owners thoughts on their exits. Before digging into some of the questions, some early context: Ronstadt...

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