Theories and Thoughts

Much has been researched and written about many of influences that trigger a desire to formally exit a business. All bear consideration and discussion. 

The Literature Review

It’s been a while. Blame the doctorate and the important submission of a systematic literature review. Well, what is that? A literature review covers published work on a topic and helps an academic identify gaps in established knowledge where they can contribute their...

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Working through economic shocks and exit. Featuring Cioran!

Working through economic shocks and exit. Featuring Cioran! Consistent feedback into the Exit Motivations office from business owners and entrepreneurs regarding the current climate is a theme of toughness. Everything is tough. Still reeling from Covid global covid...

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IWD and engagement

IWD and engagement Last week the exit motivations team headed off to Cranfield University’s International Women’s Day event at Milton Keynes Hub organised by Thelma Ekiyor and Claire Barnwell Spencer among others. The session was spent discussing, celebrating and...

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Female Entrepreneurship

Female Entrepreneurship In the Exit Motivations office we’re participating in coming days in a few events across Cambridge and Cranfield Universities, both at the forefront of driving female entrepreneurship. Today’s blog, following on from one last year looking at...

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From Parent to Child

From Parent to Child Last week we talked about a number of things. Elbow and Ortega (not the Mexican wrestler!) We also continued to look at the impact of loneliness and wellbeing on entrepreneurs. This week we carry on that theme and focus on the entrepreneur within...

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Between Strategy and Implementation

Between Strategy and Implementation In the world of ‘exit motivations’ it has been an incredibly diverse week. As well as positioning the latest thought about exits it is continually interesting to be engaged between academia and industry and continually attempt to...

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Significant Business Changes

Significant Business Change New Year and after a month’s hiatus we return, with gusto (apologies for the delay it has been a month of challenges and systematic literature reviews!)! This month will refocus on what we know about exit, but this could also relate to any...

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Would you walk into a house and not know how to get out of it?

Would you walk into a house and not know how to get out of it?  Equally, when you go into a new building, an aeroplane, a training venue or a hotel, what things do they have in common?  You are informed where the exit is. Normally as a primary measure.  Last week I...

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Entrepreneurs, Experiences and Attention

Entrepreneurs, Experiences and Attention I was lucky enough this week to read some of the work of Simone Weil. And then, attempting not to be so clumsy in connection, thought about the philosophies of Weil and bring them into entrepreneurship. Specifically, around the...

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