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Much has been researched and written about many of influences that trigger a desire to formally exit a business. All bear consideration and discussion. 

Influences of External Stressors and Factors on Exit

Influences of External Stressors and Factors on Exit There is good academic debate about what causes a tipping point to exit; whether it is a gradual process and a ‘straw’ that breaks the camel’s back or whether, as evidenced in employed work, the role of the shock is...

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Depression and Entrepreneurial Exit

Depression and Entrepreneurial Exit This week’s paper of choice, linked very much to my continuing research, has been Depression and Entrepreneurial exit, a Hessels et al paper from 2018. The paper takes a deep dive into the necessary adaptive nature of an...

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What is an Entrepreneur?

What is an Entrepreneur? This week’s blog takes a look into the socially ambiguous terminology of an ‘entrepreneur’. We use it so casually in society and I’ve seen some great debates on platform and in lecture rooms around the meaning. Dictionaries, but not academia,...

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Cranfield Masters In Management lecture.

Cranfield Masters In Management Lecture On the 1st Nov I was fortunate enough to walk through a few slides on exit with a great bunch of full time MBA students at Cranfield. What was super value adding, certainly for me, was a great discussion about liquidating the...

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Gendered Life Course Explanations

Gendered Life Course Explanations Gendered life course explanations are a hot topic in both the academic and commercial world right now. I was engaging with a paper last week on the very topic and once I had got past the startling statement by S. Shane (2008 Illusions...

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Scale Up for Exit

Scale Up for Exit. ‘I want to exit in 10 years and sell for 10M’. This kind of statement is not uncommon in SME’s with owners of owner managed businesses. It is, however, a great conversation starter to ask probing questions behind the motivation to exit. Together...

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Panel Presentation

Panel Presentation An exploratory investigation into how internal and external factors change an entrepreneur’s motivations for exit during an entrepreneurial life cycle.What is Entrepreneurship? “my own experience was that for ten years we ran a research centre in...

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The Role of the Shock

The Role of the Shock Six months is a long time in the commercial world. It is even longer in academia. The speed of learning is not for comparison. 9 months into the Cranfield doctorate seems like a lifetime but also seems like quite the mentally challenging journey....

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